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What Makes Us Distinguished?

Equipped with emerging technologies and medical billing process, Alliant Billing Solutions aims to digitalize and transform reimbursement procedures in the medical billing domain. Similarly, by replacing the conservative patterns, we not only have transformed many records but still want to keep this track alive by evolving the latest technology patterns to provide quality-based healthcare to everyone.

Our Services

With Alliant Billing Services as your revenue cycle management partner, we always ensure our clients with trusted and capable management services.

Our specialties also include providing credentialing services, where we always confirm and verify credentials for payer networks precisely. Further, our Credentialing Services for medical practices have enabled many to get affiliated with maximum payers.

We deal with discrepancies in collections and revenue cycle management, assuring payment posting and meticulously carrying out the tasks necessary for medical billing.  Clinicians can easily manage finances with the help of our automated management solutions.

We possess the professional capacity to handle all credentialing matters and revenue cycles and can prove to be your reliable medical billing and coding partners. Our expertise includes coding, billing, analyzing insurance claims, and everything else. Additionally, we assist doctors in improving patient outcomes by lessening their administrative burden.


Providing Efficient Solutions in

Medical Practice Management

Alliant Billing Solutions’ goal is always definitive and clear, as we have been assisting to improve and streamline your medical billing operations. Our entire team of specialists has been appropriately trained in accordance with industry updates to help physicians manage finances daily and, eventually, revamp the revenue cycle management process.

With our expert billing and coding support, your medical practice can capitalize on factors leading to new growth opportunities. You will enter a system with us where there are fewer rejections, and payer reimbursements are made more promptly.


Your Medical Billing Companions

Priorize Your Patients By Outsourcing Your Medical Billing Procedures.

We precisely create submissions and clearinghouse strategies and generate income medical claims to submit to insurance companies to get reimbursement for medical services provided by physicians and provider groups. Regardless of your medical practice size, our skilled staff will manage the administrative burden on your behalf to hasten the collection process.

Alliant Billing Solutions energizes your RCM process and abides by HIPAA compliance

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Experienced medical billers can enhance revenue performance for physicians' practices or healthcare organizations.

Medical Billing And Audit Services

Faster Insurance Claims With Our Medical Billing And Audit Services

Alliant Billing Solutions offers well-structured medical billing audit that primarily incorporates the effectiveness and efficacy of clinical documentation, followed by scrutiny and thorough assessments. We consider that the overall medical billing process must demonstrate that the overall medical audit practice recognises, monitors, and corrects inappropriate billing practices by meticulously reviewing all of the payer-provided medical records and billing records

Maximized Revenue

Complete Audits

Prompt Data Submissions


Regardless of your medical specialty, Alliant Billing Solutions is experienced in extending custom-built healthcare digital solutions. We will assist you with revenue cycle optimization through an effective medical billing procedure, and HIPAA compliance.





Internal Medicine



Physical Therapy

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Alliant Billing Solutions is amongst the most reputed and rapidly growing revenue cycle management companies with its fast expanding medical billing services and consultancy facilities. Always dedicated to providing convenient and sustainable solutions, we offer customized medical billing solutions that meet your practice requirements.

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Alliant Billing Solutions is amongst the most reputed and rapidly growing revenue cycle management companies with its fast expanding medical billing, coding, credentialing services, and consultancy facilities.

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