Privacy Policy


The provisions of our privacy statement guarantee the complete protection and safety of your personal information and protected health information (PHI). Any information you give us is protected by a series of unique Internet security measures. Whatever you enter here is evidence of your faith in and dedication to us. Breaching your confidence is the most egregious and disrespectful thing we can do.

We employ PHI and physicians’ personal information as the fundamental requirements for transactions to carry out the medical billing procedure. We use them to create claims and submit them to the appropriate payers. You must be aware of this and satisfied because it will be stored in our virtual safe.

You can trust us

    • People are not required to divulge personal information to access our website’s public area.
    • Our website asks for your personal information, scheduling details, credit card information, NPI, and fax number when you register as a user.
    • If you choose a paid subscription, you must provide your credit card details or ACH information. In this context, an American financial network used for electronic payments and money transfers is called ACH.
    • Given its importance, this information is encrypted in a secure system and is only used by our internal team.
    • Additionally, the website automatically collects information about your visit, including your IP address, operating system, requested page, proxy server, web browser, add-ons, visit time, ISP, device identifiers, etc.


    We only disclose your data when required; otherwise, it is kept on file with us and password-protected.

    • Authorities need our cooperation to comply with court orders, laws, regulations, and subpoenas.
    • Your information must be disclosed to vendors or dealers who are directly responsible for the upkeep of this website.
    • You cannot hold us liable for any crucial data leaks on their behalf, even though those providers must thoroughly check their code of conduct.
    • We use this information for the following general purposes;
    • Medical billing services.
    • Identification and authentication.
    • Services Improvement