The certified credentialing experts at Alliant Billing Solutions can scrutinize the challenging credentialing processes. Alliant Billing Solutions offer skilled credentialing management services to medical providers at competitive packages.

As a reputed credentialing services provider, we aid in connecting doctors or other providers with payers. For you to generate revenues more quickly, our credentialing teams assist medical providers in reducing the time to the credential.

To ensure that provider enrollment goes successfully, we handle all regulatory obligations and conduct routine follow-ups. Our expert experience enables clinicians to expand their client base.

The experts at Alliant Billing Solutions can get you credentialed at the earliest so that you may start receiving payments. With our updated credentialing practices, our medical credentialing services would effectively keep you up to date, whether you’re an individual or a medical group.

Why Credentialing Holds Importance?

Patients can also utilize their insurance to pay for doctors’ services. Medical credentialing is crucial for patients and physicians because it allows patients to confidently trust the physicians they have chosen. Similarly, the supplier is compensated for the medical services. As a result, healthcare providers need to sign up with payers.

With the help of our medical billing audit services, healthcare organizations can identify errors in their claim submissions. They should also obtain credentialing services to sign up with the most payers.

Our eligibility verification services give clinicians access to information about patients’ insurance. Additionally, it enables patients to make use of their payment plans. Further, failing to do so could lead to patients looking for alternative physicians. You will therefore miss your potential patient.

Credentialing Services

  • Accreditation services for Doctors and Healthcare Organizations.
  • Services for Medicare providers’ re-approval.
  • Verification of Doctors’ and other medical professionals’ credentials.
  • Systematic administration for Healthcare Plans.
  • Prioritizing outsourced medical facilities.
  • Contracting for overseen care.
  • Counseling for Healthcare Organizations.

Credentialing Process

The medical credentialing procedure includes the following:

  • Completing a provider credentialing application. 
  • Sending it to the entity that issues credentials.
  • Following up with the procedure timely.
  • Providing additional documentation.
  • Contacting insurance companies.
  • Coordinating with hospitals.
  • Dealing with Denial Management
  • Promoting patient referrals.


Expert Medical Billing & Coding Practices

Our practices comprise the following primary pillars of the medical billing and coding process:

  • Patient Registration
  • Confirmation of Insurance Eligibility
  • Medical coding
  • Claim Compilation
  • AR Follow Up
  • Speeding up the reimbursements.
  • Online portal Access
  • Real-Time Insights

Priortize Your Patients by Oursourcing Your Medical Billing Procedures.

  • Cost-effective improvements for the patients’ experience.
  • Utilizing systematic billing mechanisms.
  • Efficient Payer Reimbursements.
  • Track record of Enhanced revenue and financial gains.
  • Accurate documentation of valued patient records



Serving Clinicians


Improved RCM


Clinical Efficiency

Alliant Billing solutions is here to provide clinicians and healthcare organizations a perfect medical billing and coding solutions through systematic and procedural approaches, always ensuring maximized benefits to the physicians who gain from large payments and decreased accounts receivable.


Follow-up services: We work tirelessly to have your claims approved. Even if such a situation arises where your claims are rejected, we use our professional expertise to highlight areas of concern and resubmit them to payers. 

Denial Management Services: Most claim rejections and denials result from mistakes or omissions that our knowledgeable medical billing team can rapidly resolve. A high success rate is also achieved while identifying and fixing more complicated problems.

Prompt Reporting: We are completely aware that your monetary obligation falls on our shoulders, so we keep you refreshed through an extensive report on either a weekly or monthly basis.

Exceptional Accounts Management: When we do not want to leave any ambiguity in the minds of the physicians, we tend to focus on correspondence with them directly. And for this purpose, we have a dedicated accounts manager for every doctor. In addition to that, they guarantee quality and transparency at each stage.

Faster Reimbursement Cycles: Providing ease and accessibility to healthcare professionals remains our core priority. We are always dedicated to providing hassle-free medical billing and reimbursement cycle services.


The healthcare industry is moving towards interoperable billing and MIPS reporting solutions. However, streamlined revenue cycle management does not owe to that! Operational accuracy is the key that will help medical practices to own their accounts.