The disparities and irregularities in the clinical documentation or the inadequate medical billing and coding practices can result in delayed claims or rejections. Our Medical Billing Audit Services enable stakeholders to submit insurance claims more appropriately and promptly. In addition, to lower risks of revenue loss and compliance difficulties, we constantly monitor, identify, and correct essential errors throughout the documentation process.

The efficacy and reliability of clinical documentation are examined and evaluated through our structured medical billing audit. Alliant Billing Solution considers it the utmost preference that the overall medical billing procedure verifies that the practice recognizes, monitors, and corrects improper billing practices by carefully reviewing all medical records and medical billing information supplied to payers.

The entire process, from patient registration through payment posting to patient statements to collections, is carefully reviewed and examined, not only the claims that have been submitted. It is best to review and evaluate the billing performance beforehand and address any future problems because prevention is always preferable to treatment.

Rules and Regulations Compliant Medical Billing Process

  • Clinical Billing Documentation
  • Medical Coding
  • Highlighting Under-coding
  • Examining Outdated Practices
  • Displaced CPT / ICD codes
  • Inaccuracies In Records

Our primary concern is strengthening your clinical practice and expanding your revenue with our medical billing audit services. We have assisted many medical practitioners in recognizing these changes.


Our practices comprise the following primary pillars of the medical billing and coding process:

Patient Registration

Confirmation of Insurance Eligibility

Medical coding

Claim Compilation

Claim Transmission

AR Follow Up

Denial Management

Patient Statement

Highlighting Areas Of Concern

Our dedicated medical billing experts certify that physicians and healthcare organizations have access to an effective and efficient medical billing and coding system.

 Highlighting Over-Coding and Under-Coding Areas

 Identifying Fraudulent Practices

Utilizing Modern Medical Billing Practices

Our precise medical billing and coding aid also maximize practice revenue and prevent claim denials.